Poppi's Take 'n Bake Pizza - Middleton, ID

Fresh ingredients every time....made just the way you like it!

Poppi's Family

Owners - Stan & Sandra Spence, Jared Spence, Stacia Spence

For as long as his kids can remember, Stan wanted to own a pizza place. Family always joked that we ate so much pizza, we might as well buy our own place! So when an opportunity knocked to retire from Kelly Moore after 20+ years, the family encouraged him to go for it.

The name came pretty easily from there! Poppi's came from Granddaughter Caity, who always called her Grandpa Stan Poppi.

Finally, in September of 2007, there was a small ribbon cutting with the Mayor of Middleton and members of the Chamber of Commerce, and Poppi's was opened.

Jared, Stan, and Sandra can almost always be found in the store, along with Stacia pitching in when needed. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and SNAP BENEFITS


  • "WAY better than Papa Murphy's. They are such nice people with the best take n' bake pizza!!"
    Andrea Williams
  • "*****Aug 2015 This is the best pizza I have ever had!! After trying this, it's the only pizza I want now and crave Gourmet Garlic Chicken is my favorite"

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